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Here you can buy books, as well as audio and video seminars of the academician Grigori P. Grabovoi, given by him to the wide audience in the period from 2001 to 2006. When creating the seminar the method of eternal evolution with the exact forecasting of future events was applied. One hundred percent confirmation of Grabovoi`s forecasts is proved by certificates and transactions, published in the three volume edition “Practice of Control. Way of Salvation”. When creating the text of the seminar Grabovoi G.P. first would get an accurate forecast of future events and then create the text that teaches the eternal development taking into account the specific events of the future, concerning each person and the world as a whole.

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The movement to the World is the truth of the World. And the movement to the consciousness is the truth of the realization. Your mission is universal. You should strive for the way that is predetermined for You. Your way is the way to the Eternity. Your life is creation.


Publishing house «PERMANENT CREATION» issues  the books  of  the   Russian scientist Grigori Grabovoi. Our main  aim is the popularization  of  Teachingsof  "Of salvation and harmonious development", as well as his  scientific  works  and  patents.



You are the world. You are the eternity. 
The forces in you are immeasurable. 
Your abilities are boundless. 
You are the embodiment of the Creator. 
His will is in you, 
You transform the world with His predestination. 

His love is in you; 
Love everything alive like He, 
Who has created you, does. 
Don’t harden your heart. 
Reflect on good, 
Do good. 
Good will return as longevity. 

Love will bestow immortality, 
Belief and hope will bestow wisdom. 
With belief and love 
Your unknown forces will liven up. 
You will gain whatever you dream about. 
Immortality is the face of life. 

Just as life is 
The Trace of the Eternity. 
Create in order to live in the Eternity. 
Live in order to create the Eternity.